Kentucky Proud Now Applies To Milk Too

Jul 8, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Kentuckians can now buy milk that has been processed right here in the Bluegrass.

Milk sourced and processed right here in Kentucky is now available at stores across the state.   Agriculture Commissioner James Comer says this Kentucky Proud dairy deal with Walmart and Prairie Farms is a win for farmers…consumers and the economy. 

“You’re going to see now a processor that’s going to create a lot of new jobs and going to expand and you’re going to see farmers get a premium for their products so a lot of dairy farmers have been operating in the red and now they’re going to be operating in the black so it’s a great day for Kentucky agriculture.”

Kentucky farmers like Dante Carpenter have been trying to get on the shelf with a 100 percent Kentucky dairy product for at least a decade.  He says this deal could help him increase his herd and continue the tradition of farming in his family for years to come. 

“Oh it’ll be a great asset for us today and the stability you know of our prices and the added income from each gallon of milk will be just…after a drought year like last year we really are overcoming a lot of obstacles on the farm but this will really be one asset to us for the year and on years down the road like for my daughter and the next generation.” 

Commissioner Comer says a seven-cent-per-gallon premium will be returned directly to every participating farm and that’s expected to put an additional 19-thousand dollars in each dairy family’s income.   Comer hopes other stores will follow suit and begin carrying ‘Udderly Kentucky Milk’ products.