Kentucky National Guard Recruiting Up

Nov 20, 2012

FRANKFORT, Ky. - For the ninth year running, the Kentucky National Guard has met its recruiting goals. This year’s numbers were higher than originally expected.

The recruiting goal is set by the National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C. and Kentucky has outperformed its previous efforts, bringing the final number, or end strength, to 7,368 soldiers. Factor in the Air National Guard and the figure is 8, 570. Major Fred Bates, Commander for 2nd/75th Recruiting & Retention Battalion with the Kentucky Army National Guard says higher standards for soldiers make meeting the goals a challenge.

"There having to meet higher and higher quality marks to get into the Guard as far as GED and mistakes that they had made maybe when they were teenagers. They used to be able to get in. Now they can't. The military looks at that a little differently," Bates says.  

Since September 11, 2001, over 15,000 members of the Kentucky National Guard have deployed in support of the War on Terror. Around 600 are currently serving in Afghanistan, Africa, and elsewhere overseas.