Kentucky Bourbon Trail Gets a Phone App

May 29, 2013

FRANKFORT,KY--  The Kentucky Distillers Association has just launched a Bourbon Trail App.

Developed by Indiana-based Mocura, it incorporates all seven of the trail's distilleries and their associated brands.  President Eric Gregory envisions the program as an all in-one tour aid, as well as a way to address visitors' primary complaint, directions. 

“Wherever you’re standing, you can activate the app and it will find the nearest distillery for you and give you directions straight to that distillery.  Plus you can choose from any of the distilleries on our legendary Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour or even the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour," Gregory said. 

In addition to GPS coordinates, the app also contains articles on the distillation process, tour information, and a "virtual shelf" for users to organize their preferred brands.  According to Gregory, reception to the App has been encouraging. 

The app contains GPS maps to each distillery, tour information, and a “virtual shelf” to organize preferred bourbon brands.  He adds that initial reception has been encouraging. 

“We’re very impressed.  Just in the last 24 hours we’ve already had over 500 people download the app and start using it, so we think it has a bright future," he said. 

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail App is currently available on iOS, while an Android version is forthcoming.