Kentucky American Water Clarifies Billing Procedures

Sep 25, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The rollout of Lexington’s new LEXserv billing service this month has caused some confusion for customers who appeared to be billed twice for city services.

On September 1st, Kentucky American Water handed over collection duties for the city’s landfill, sanitary sewers, and water-quality management fees to LEXserv, a new billing program run by Cincinnati Water Works, but KAW spokesperson Charlie Boland says some customers did receive a notice from the water company this month also including those fees.

"Maybe at the time that collection notice went out they hadn't paid their August bill," he says.

That meant some customers appeared to receive a duplicate bill, when in fact one referred to overdue LFUCG fees. Boland says those customers should pay those fees to LEXserv.

"For people who received those collection notices, we've clarified for them as they've called in to pay the LEXserv bill since, going forward, that's what really needs to happen and that everything will zero out on their accounts here at the end of the month," he says.

About 57-thousand LEXserv bills have been delivered so far. Boland says those who have already paid both bills will receive a credit on their accounts next month.