Kentuckians Not All That Hip To Water Pollution Issues

Frankfort, KY – The telephone survey of 45-hundred Kentucky adults indicates a lack of awareness of the harmful effects of untreated runoff into water supplies. For example, only 26-percent of respondents consider fertilizers and pesticides a threat to waterways and only 16-percent see pet waste as a threat. "I think it's a lack of education and they've probably got other things on their minds."

Transportation Cabinet environmental engineer John Drake says the survey results will be used to help develop public education programs. "Once you hit that bell, and people start to recognize that what they do has an effect on the environment, their attitudes change somewhat."

Interestingly, while more than half of those surveyed don't believe polluted runoff is a problem in their own communities, almost half are willing to pay a small fee to resolve pollution problems. The seven-month survey was conducted by the University of Kentucky.