Kentuckians For The Commonwealth Launches PAC

Frankfort, KY – There's a new PAC in town, and it's called New Power. The political action committee was formed by the non-profit citizens group Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, which wants the freedom to speak out on political issues. Former K-F-T-C Chairperson Teri Blanton says the PAC won't directly endorse candidates, but will air issue ads in support of candidates who support clean, renewable energy sources.

"Kentucky needs new leadership and new power. As much as any place I know, we need leaders with the courage to support a transition to a new economy and stop the destruction, or we will be left with nothing. We don't get to do our days on earth over. We don't get to put the mountains back. It's time for New Power."

To kick-start fundraising efforts, K-F-T-C is donating 100-thousand dollars to the PAC, which can be found at