Justice Elena Kagan Talks About Social Aspects Of The Job During Appearance At UK

Sep 20, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan greeted a full house at UK’s Singletary Center for the Arts last night.  She spoke with Law Dean David Brennan as part of the College’s annual Ray Lecture. 

Credit masslive.com

Kagan discussed at length her experience as a judge, both on the Supreme Court and off, often comparing it to her previous experience at Harvard Law School.

“I think about writing on the court in the same kind of way that I used to think about preparing to teach a class.  It ‘s like how can I communicate something in a way that’s clear, in a way that people will understand, but also in a way that will really speak to people and that people will remember, and sort of identify with.”

Kagan also talked about  deliberating with the other justices.  While admitting they don’t always see eye to eye, particularly on contentious cases like DOMA, she very much enjoys her work.

“It’s a good gig, and I would be very happy making whatever contribution I could make for the rest of my time.” 

Kagan is not the only member of the Supreme Court who has visited UK recently.  Her fellow justice, Clarence Thomas was the Ray Lecturer last year.