Journalist Searches For Common Ground On Guns

Mar 27, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - In the wake of the Newtown shootings, the renewed debate over gun violence has highlighted deep divisions in the country, but a journalist speaking at the University of Kentucky Thursday still believes all sides can find common ground.

Former assistant managing editor for standards and ethics at the New York Times and Vietnam veteran, Craig Whitney is the author of “Living with Guns: A Liberal’s Case for the Second Amendment.” As the title suggests, Whitney’s book endeavors to find points of agreement between gun rights and gun control advocates. Al Cross is with UK’s School of Journalism and Telecommunications.

"What Craig has done is write a book that looks at the history of guns in this country, how significant a role they've played in the founding and development and growth of the country, how important a part of our culture they are, and yet what a problem they can be when misused," Cross says.

Whitney argues that the left must accept that a gun-free America is not possible and those on the right must recognize that not every gun control measure is an effort to repeal the Second Amendment.

The lecture takes place at 7 Thursday night in the Taylor Education Building.