Jim Newberry Gives Farewell Address

LEXINGTON, KY – Mayor Jim Newberry says he has few regrets at the end of his term, and believes strongly that he helped Lexington become a better city in the past four years. In his farewell speech last night, the outgoing mayor recalled the challenges he's faced and the tough decisions he's had to make.

"Some would argue that my support of the Kentucky River plant cost me the opportunity to be re-elected," says Newberry. "Perhaps it did. But I have absolutely no doubt that it was the right decision for Lexington. And if I had the chance to make that decision again, I would make precisely the same decision. Lexington needed to solve its water shortage more than I needed to serve a second term."

Other notable events Newberry brought up included the World Equestrian Games, the airport spending scandal, and the South Limestone project.

Newberry says he hasn't decided on how to best serve the public as a private citizen, but is looking forward to spending more time with his family.

Mayor-Elect Jim Gray will take office in early January.