Jason Isbell, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2013

Jul 18, 2014
Originally published on July 7, 2014 4:48 pm

Jason Isbell was once one of Drive-By Truckers' great songwriting weapons — he wrote the jaw-dropping "Outfit," among others — until his career spiraled into substance abuse and he left the band. As it so often does, sobriety has served Isbell well: The Alabama singer-songwriter just released the powerful and profound Southeastern, which candidly addresses his hard fall and hopeful rise.

Hear Isbell perform as part of the 2013 Newport Folk Festival, recorded live on Saturday, July 27 in Newport, R.I.

Set List

  • "Live Oak"
  • "Stockholm"
  • "Cover Me Up"
  • "Codeine"
  • "Flying Over Water"
  • "Decoration Day"
  • "Outfit"
  • "Alabama Pines"
  • "Elephant"
  • "Super 8"
  • "Danko / Manuel"
  • "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" (Rolling Stones cover)
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