It's Time To Toss Unwanted Meds

Apr 25, 2014

Lexington Police, UK and Drug Free Lex are just a few of the sponsors that are bringing Med Toss back for local residents this weekend. 

Sherelle Roberts, spokeswoman for The Lexington Police Department says it’s important to get rid of unused or expired medicines. “You don’t want those old medications in your home because we find that small children and pets can get into those medications.  The statistics show that teenagers experience their first or primary drug use situation by going through their parents or family’s medicine cabinet.  And lastly, criminals, if they know that you have a large amount of medications in your home could choose to burglarize your home in order to steal your medications.” 

Roberts said it’s also important to dispose of old medications in an environmentally friendly way.  They should never be flushed down toilets, put down sinks or thrown into the trash where they can seep into the ground or water supply.  Med Toss is tomorrow from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm at Kentucky American Water on Richmond Road and Consolidated Baptist Church on Russell Cave Road.