Interfaith Group To Appeal For City Help With Social Justice Issues

Lexington, KY – Members of various religious groups throughout Lexington will campaign for local social justice issues at the annual BUILD Nehemiah Action Assembly meeting tonight. BUILD, which stands for Building a United Interfaith Lexington through Direction Action has a variety of items on the agenda this year. BUILD spokesperson Pastor Joseph Owens, says one involves the establishment of an affordable housing trust fund.

"Because individuals in our city, there are almost nine thousand who are paying, probably fifty percent or more of their income for rent, and that should not go over thirty percent. So we're trying to get something in place to correct that problem. And again, the Mayor Gray and council members will be there for that."

The housing trust issue has been the subject of a task force since 2008.
BUILD priorities also include healthcare access for the uninsured and increasing employment opportunities for recently incarcerated individuals.

"We just wanna help them to become productive citizens. Once they've done their time, they'll have an opportunity to start over and become productive citizens and not be exiled to a permanent underclass, because everyone looks at their record from the past."

The event will be held Monday night at 7 at Imani Baptist Church on Georgetown Road.