House Passes Budget Bills

Budgets for all three branches of state government have now passed one chamber of the Kentucky General Assembly.

The House spent more than an hour debating the details of the executive, legislative and judicial budgets before easily passing all three.

The House did slightly change Gov. Steve Beshear’s original executive budget. And lawmakers also cut the legislative and judicial budgets by 8.4 percent.

House Budget Chairman Rick Rand says the budget passed isn’t one to brag about, but helps the government maintain important functions.

“It’s probably hard for us to go home and beat our chest and say we’ve done something great this particular year. We’ve balanced our budget, the budget’s balanced and we have worked as hard as we can to maintain the programs I believe this Household’s sacred.”

The budget bills now move to the state Senate, where House Speaker Greg Stumbo says he expects more changes to occur.