House Committee Hears Testimony On Smart 911 Expansion

Jan 28, 2014

First responders are lobbying Frankfort lawmakers to expand a special 911 service offered in Lexington to the entire state.

Smart 911 allows citizens to upload more detailed information, such as photos, medical issues, and commonly visited locations, to better prepare responders in the event of an emergency.

Retired former 911 Coordinator in Lexington David Lucas told a House committee in Frankfort Tuesday that offering the service statewide would create a more uniform system. Lucas says not all areas have the resources necessary to add Smart 911 on their own.

"A lot of counties can't afford it. They would love to have it in some of the rural areas. Louisville would love to have it, but they're so large the cost is prohibitive for them as well. So I think it would be great [if it were] across the Commonwealth. Then when we advertise I don't have to say it's only in Lexington or only in so many counties. We can use a lot of different avenues to get the word out," Lucas says.

The price tag to implement the new system for all of Kentucky for two years would be close to $2.5 million.

Lexington pays over $75,000 a year for the service, but Lucas says the investment has helped save lives.