Hospital Dress Code Leads to Large Donation

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – A new dress code policy at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center will help mission trips and a local nursing school with supplies of medical scrubs.

The hospital launched its Caregiver Identification Program in May, requiring nurses to wear standardized scrubs in either blue or teal. Patty Hughes, chair of the program, says research shows that hospital patients and their families feel more comfortable around medical workers who wear easily identifiable clothing.

"There was some chatter about you know I have all these scrubs at home, what am I gonna do with them?'So we started thinking about well, what are we going to do with them and how can we help the nursing staff feel like they gave something to somebody."

Through donation drives at UK Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital, the Caregiver Identification Program collected hundreds of pieces of medical scrubs.

The uniforms will be given to medical professionals going on mission trips and a local school.