Horse Capital Of The World Part I

Oct 1, 2013

Horse banners featured on Versailles Road
Horse banners featured on Versailles Road

LEXINGTON, Ky--Karyn Czar examines the evidence that Kentucky often uses to claim this area as the Horse Capital of the World.

The bluegrass state is famous for the Kentucky Derby and rows of pristine white fences surrounding Thoroughbred Farms, but here in the horse capital of the world all the breeds are being recognized.  The push started this summer when banners featuring local horses at work went up on Versailles Road.  Paula Singer who lives in the area wants it to be known as the Horseman’s corridor. 

One of the horses featured is Diablo from the Kentucky Horse Park. 

Captain Lisa Rakes has ridden with the Lexington Mounted Police and is now with the Unit at the Park.  She says Diablo’s modeling moment is bringing a lot of attention to the park and horses that otherwise don’t get as much publicity as say…Secretariat. 

Rakes believes horses help her and other officers do their jobs by creating an interaction with people in a way that wouldn’t be possible without the animals.  “You don’t get a hug in your squad car but sometimes the horses will come back to the barns with lipstick on them.”