Hope Center Dedicates New Buildings for Homeless Men

Feb 21, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Hope Center is getting some much needed space to serve homeless men in Lexington. A new cafeteria building and 144-bed recovery house were dedicated Tuesday on Loudon Avenue, just down the road from the Hope Center emergency shelter.

"The emergency shelter actually has 118 beds in it and almost each night it houses 250 men. That many men are sleeping on the floor, so we needed more space," says Carrie Thayer, Director of Development for the Hope Center.

The Hope Center helps homeless men and women get off the street and overcome mental health and substance abuse problems.

"They will be in an employment program, they will be in the mental health program, and they will also be in the drug and alcohol recovery program," says Thayer.

The new buildings sit on land donated by Lexmark. They are named in honor of Don and Cathy Jacobs, who donated $1 million to the project.