Homeless Shelter Seeks Public Input On Future Location

Oct 28, 2013

Lexington residents are being asked to weigh in on potential locations for the Community Inn, a homeless shelter that has prompted legal disputes.

Credit godsnet.info

The Community Inn saw its conditional use permit revoked in 2012 when city officials said organizers misled them about the purpose of the facility. The officials say they were told the building would be used as a church, not a shelter. For now, the Community Inn continues to operate as the organizers await a court decision on their appeal.

Ginny Ramsey, one of the co-founders of the Inn, says the organization wants to be as open and transparent as possible as they search for a new location. Five spots are currently under consideration: 166 North Martin Luther King Boulevard, 1353 West Main Street, 1400 North Forbes Road, 353 Waller Avenue and 219 East Short Street. They will be discussed at a meeting Nov. 4.

The city is also under investigation by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for possibly violating federal laws that ensure people cannot be denied housing because of race or a disability.