History Museum Holding Fundraisers For Old Courthouse

Sep 24, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky.  -  The Lexington History Museum is holding a couple of fundraisers this week to support the restoration of its currently shuttered home.

The Old Fayette County Courthouse has been closed to the public due to lead and safety concerns.  Estimated cost to renovate the 114 year old landmark is around $18M. 

The plight of the history museum has attracted the attention of international best-selling author Steve Berry.  Berry's latest novel, The Columbus Affair, attempts to shed light on one of the most pivotal figures in Western Civilization; explorer Christopher Columbus.

Berry and his wife Elizabeth are the founders of a non profit historical preservation organization called History Matters.  The two will be coming to Lexington this weekend to teach a special writer’s workshop, with all of the proceeds going toward the building renovation fund.

“This is sort of like the start…you have to get going and we could raise a few thousand dollars to get the process moving forward, but you are right.  They did get some news about what it is going to take to renovate that building.  But that is not atypical.  We see that in historic places in the country that we have dealt with, there’s always an obstacle that has be overcome.  But the good part is that we can actually overcome them.”

The writer’s workshop is this Saturday from 1 to 4 at the Lexington Public Library.  There is a $45 registration fee. 

"Whether you are published, non-published, whatever…this is going to be a very intense four hour course on the craft of writing.  We’ve taught about 2,000 students from around the country, and I think the folks in Lexington are going to enjoy that a whole lot.”

The Museum is also sponsoring a meet and greet with Steve and Elizabeth Berry on Friday night at Skybar on Main Street.  Complete information is available at LexingtonHistoryMuseum.org.