Help For KY Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Lexington, KY – Passage of House Bill 552 by the 2008 General Assembly initiated the program "Protect My Kentucky Home" and established the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center, with the mission of protecting Kentuckians from home foreclosure. On Friday, Governor Steve Beshear announced that the program would receive a grant in excess of $1-
point-5 million dollars from Neighbor Works America as part of the federal Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. Kentucky Housing Corporation C-E-O Richard McQuady, who administers the program, says the current foreclosure crisis has all but destroyed the dream of homeownership for many in the Commonwealth.

Homeowners needing intervention or counseling can contact the Protection Center through its website, ProtectMyKYHome-dot-org, and from there will be referred to a counseling agency.