HealthFirst Clinic Finally Gets A New Home

May 31, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A public health clinic will finally be moving into its new facility on Lexington’s south end. The plans come after years of delays and negotiations.

The long-awaited HealthFirst clinic will be housed on Southland Drive across from Good Food Market & Café. The HealthFirst Bluegrass board of directors voted unanimously Wednesday to approve the 10-year lease with an option to buy. Ken Silvestri, president of Silvestri Craig Realtors, which was instrumental in brokering the deal, said the process was complicated by a number of factors, many of which involved $11.7 million dollars coming from the federal government.

"The grant comes with strings attached," he says. 

Those strings included demands that made a lot of potential landlords uneasy.

"So we realized that we needed to find the right landlord with the right building, and it had to be the right demographics. So finding this needle in a haystack just took time," Silvestri says. 

HealthFirst, a primary care clinic which serves mostly low income patients, currently resides at the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department. Though that space will continue to serve as a satellite clinic, Silvestri says the new clinic will help meet a growing need. Planners say it could be serving patients as early as next summer.