Health Benefits Call Center Now Open In Lexington

Aug 16, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky.-- Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear was on hand in Lexington today to help open up the new kynect call center.  The facility is meant to help over 600,000 Kentuckians purchase insurance through the state’s upcoming health exchange. 

The governor adds that the center will have a significant local impact.

“This now employs a number of Central Kentuckians, over 60 right now and over 100 as we move down the road.  So not only is this great for the health care of our people but its also great for our economy," Beshear said.

Kynect Executive Director Carrie Banahan says Kentuckians can call about specific benefit plans once the program opens up.

“October 1st, our plans will be on the Kynect website, and those will be accessible for these customer service representatives to basically say what their options are regarding private insurance carriers.”

The health exchange is part of Kentucky’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act.