Happy Joel Pett Day

Sep 20, 2013

Photo courtesy of the Lexington Herald Leader
Photo courtesy of the Lexington Herald Leader

LEXINGTON, Ky--Yes it is Joel Pett day!  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray made the declaration at an event earlier this week celebrating the Pulitzer Prize winning artist.  The Lexington Herald Leader cartoonist and his work were featured at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning Wednesday night. 

Several of Pett’s colleagues from across the country came to show their best work and give kudos to the Lexington based political cartoonist.  Pett says there was a reason for the ‘Pett love fest.’  “They were handpicked!  It’s like the Rush Limbaugh show or FOX News or something.  Opposing views are not welcome.  It’s how America sorts itself out these days.”

Pett was asked to donate some of his work to auction off for the Carnegie Center.  He said he was honored to be asked, then joked “It’s hard to be against literate kids, although they will just grow up and try to steal our jobs and vote, but you have to take the risk.”

Pett’s exhibit will be on display until the end of October.  This spring he celebrates his 30th year with the Lexington Herald Leader.