Group Working To Resolve Lingering Food Truck Questions

Feb 7, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A group tasked with reexamining the rules for Lexington’s mobile food vendors is moving closer to crafting a new ordinance, but two basic issues continue to divide food truck operators and downtown restaurant owners.

The work group, appointed by Vice Mayor Linda Gorton, met Thursday morning to discuss a draft ordinance that would set some basic regulations for food trucks.

"There is no perfect solution that's going to please everyone," says 2nd District councilwoman Shevawn Akers, who is heading up the group.

The panel chair says bricks and mortar restaurant owners still worry food trucks could eat away at business downtown, while mobile food vendors say the regulations placed on them are too strict – issues that have stalled negotiations in the past. Akers says she hopes to finally settle on a happy medium.

"There was actually a lot more agreement on what was proposed than I expected. There were only a handful of suggested revisions and two points of primary contention, and of course that is can they park in front of a restaurant or and how far away from the restaurant do they have to be," she says.

The draft ordinance is in the revision phase and will be brought back to the group next week. If approved, it could go before the economic development committee of the whole on February 19th.