Group Hopes To Revive Popular Youth Video Contest

Jan 30, 2014

The Keep It Real, Don’t Drink and Drive program has been suspended this year due to lack of grant funding. 

For the past nine years Super Bowl weekend has been a springboard for some very talented area high school students to showcase self-produced videos warning of the dangers of underage drinking. 

Those videos won’t be shown on TV or at the Kentucky Theatre this year because the Keep It Real contest program ran out of grant money. 

Lynsey Sugarman, with drugfreelex, which coordinated the effort, says they’re hoping to raise enough private dollars to do a re-boot next fall.

“We knew we were running out of money and we have been looking for other grants but there’s been such a groundswell of support that we have started a local fundraising campaign…we’re trying to get twenty-thousand dollars to Keep It Real Re-mix is what we’re calling it.  With that money we can not only address the underage drinking issue but we’re also going to expand it to open it to other drugs of abuse.”

Sugerman says they’ve already raised $9,000 toward the goal.  Additional information on the campaign is available at

Past winning videos can be viewed here.