Gray Says Economic Opportunity Possible Even In Economic Slump

LEXINGTON, Ky. – With references to Henry Clay and Alex de Tocqueville, Mayor-elect Jim Gray spoke to a crowd of nearly 400 people Friday at Commerce Lexington's public policy luncheon. Gray discussed the broad goals he has for Lexington and Fayette County.

"Knowing our strengths and playing to these strengths will enhance our brand, build attachment, and grow our reputation as a great place to live, to work, to raise a family, and to build and grow a business. It's the kind of place that people and businesses want to live in."

Without citing many specifics of his plans, Gray said he believes it's possible to attract three new corporate headquarters to Lexington.

He also reiterated ideas from his Fresh Start campaign plan. Gray says his has two sets of work teams have already hit the ground running.

"It expands on transitions in the past beyond the technical into a more strategic focus with three goals in mind. Three goals: one, create jobs; two, run efficiently; and three, build a great city."

Gray says a transitional work team has been assigned to each department of city government. Other teams are focused on Lexington's economic opportunity and quality of life.