GPS Devices Will Keep Track of Athletes at WEG

LEXINGTON, Ky. – A partnership with AT&T is expected to enhance how fans at the World Equestrian Games watch the Endurance World Championship. The endurance competition tests horse and rider in a 100 mile race.

For the first time in WEG history, GPS tracking devices will be placed on each horse.

"It allows us to bring in the spectators to the event so they can watch the tracking of the athletes. Each horse or each athlete will have a tracking device with an AT&T SIM card. And it provides us a little bit of security and management the event as well," says Emmett Ross, Discipline Manager for the endurance competition.

Ross says fans will be able to see the position of each riding team on display boards, the Internet, and iPhones as the athletes race through horse farms around the Kentucky Horse Park.

Endurance is one of eight equine sports featured at the World Equestrian Games.