God's Pantry Hands Out Record Number of Thanksgiving Boxes

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Thousands of low-income families will have a bountiful meal this week.

Governor Steve Beshear and the First Lady helped distribute boxes of food Monday morning at Broadway Christian Church in Lexington. God's Pantry spokeswoman Mandy Brajuha says the food bank will hand out around 55-hundred boxes in Fayette County this year as part of its Sharing Thanksgiving program.

"It's a number that normally stays pretty flat, and we saw a 12 percent jump this year. Which to me, just signifies what we're seeing across the country and the economy is really impacting people still. Even though it's starting to turn around, these people are not going to feel the turnaround of the economy for many years."

One of the people still struggling from the down economy is James Smith, who was recently laid off from a temporary job. He took home 12 pound turkey with all the trimmings.

"Just a blessing to have. That's all I can say, it's just a blessing to get what I really couldn't afford."

The God's Pantry Food Bank assists Fayette County residents who are referred to them by a social worker. Their clients are typically at or below the federal poverty line.