Get City Emergency Alerts On Your Cell Phone

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Lexington residents can now get city-issued emergency alerts on their cell phones. David Lucas, Director of Enhanced 9-1-1, says the service is called Lexington's Emergency Alerts and Notifications or LEAN system.

"These are not pre-canned notifications. Depending on what it might be, if it's a chemical spill or an AMBER Alert, we will actually give a message specific to that event."

Lucas says the system will automatically call conventional land lines in Lexington-Fayette County, but residents can also register their cell phone, or be alerted about other neighborhoods.

"We actually get a report at the end that tells us how many people were alerted, how long it took to alert them, so we actually have a record of who was notified and who was not home or did not answer."

The emergency notification service costs Lexington 40-thousand dollars annually, which is paid through the city's E-911 fee. Click here to go to the city's registration page.