Full Body Scanners To Debut At Blue Grass Airport

Feb 16, 2012

Travelers at Bluegrass Airport and Louisville International Airport will soon be passing through full body scanners as they board their flights. The new technology will also require some adjustment from passengers, who will be asked to remove not just metallic objects but everything from their pockets.

"The reason they do that is because this technology is capable and designed to look for both metallic and non-metallic items, things like plastics, liquids, powders, things that could be used as explosives or components of explosives," says Jim Fotenos, spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration.

As for worries about radiation and privacy, Fotenos says the scanners used at Bluegrass Airport and in Louisville will rely on electromagnetic waves, not radiation. Fotenos also wants to assure passengers the scanners will not create individual body outlines.

"The image produced is the same for each passenger. It's a generic outline, which almost looks like a cookie-cutter. The passenger can see it themselves as they look over their shoulder at the checkpoint. If there's an item that needs more scrutiny, a small box is displayed in a location on that generic outline," he says.

The full body scanners are expected to be installed over the next few weeks.