Friends Of Kentucky Theatre Holding Birthday Bash For Downtown Movie Palace

Oct 10, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A celebration some 90 years in the making happens tonight.  Lexington’s Historic Kentucky Theatre celebrates its 90th birthday this evening with a gala and fundraiser. 

Lucy Jones, Co-chair of the Friends of the Kentucky Theatre, says, with all the other downtown venues that have come and gone over that span, it’s not a stretch to call the Kentucky a local treasure.

“I think that people sort of take it for granted, that it’s been here for ninety years and it’ll be here for ninety more.  But we definitely have to look to the Ben Ali, and the Strand to know that we can’t assume that our great treasures are eternal…that we have to maintain them and support them, so that’s why we are here.”

Co-chair Isabel Yates says the first and immediate goal for the downtown landmark is technological.

“We found out the urgent need is to buy a new projector; a digital projector.  Everything is digital these days, and we don’t have that kind of projector so most of the film companies have told Fred Mills that in 2013, we’re going to be sending you digital films.  Well, there won’t be any point is getting new seats if we don’t have the films to show."

The group is launching a $1.5M capital campaign; $250,000 alone is needed to buy the projector, the rest of the money raised will go toward maintenance, upkeep, and refurbishment of the theater.

The event is from 6 to 8 p.m.