Free Medical And Dental Clinics Merge And Expand

Mar 4, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A Lexington nonprofit providing free medical and dental care has consolidated and expanded its services with a new facility.

Mission Lexington, which relies primarily on volunteers and donations, has provided more than 8,600 patient visits and more than $3.4M in free services since it opened its separate dental and medical clinics.

Now those services will be housed under one roof. And Chris Skidmore with Mission Lexington says the demand shows no signs of slowing.

"Since our clinics first opened in 2006, we have provided more care each year than the year before," he says.

The new home includes a doubling of the number of dental chairs, new patient education areas, and expanded capacity. Still, Skidmore says the need is vast and 725 people are currently on the waiting list for dental services.