Frankfort Latest Ky. City To Pass A Fairness Ordinance

Aug 29, 2013

LOUISVILLE, Ky.-- Kentucky’s capital city has become the fifth in the state to pass a fairness ordinance protecting individuals from discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment based on sexual orientation.  As Devin Katayama reports, today’s vote was split but some say there was never a question of whether it would pass.

Frankfort’s Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 to approve the ordinance, which will create a seven-member human rights commission that will hear discrimination complaints.

Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman says over the past several months, amendments were discussed and public comments expressed.

“It was never questioned whether or not there was majority support or that the law would pass. It’s been a waiting game to find out when it would happen and if this process would continue to go on as it has.”

Hartman says Frankfort officials modeled the ordinance after the Louisville law, with a few amendments. For example, this week commissioners amended the definition of family to include legal guardianship, which Hartman says broadens protections for individuals.

Other cities with a fairness ordinance include Louisville, Lexington, Covington and Vicco, in eastern Kentucky.

Hartman says Berea and Morehead have also been discussing the issue, but no votes have been scheduled.