Former President Bill Clinton Addreses High School Students At Rupp Arena

Apr 23, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Former President Bill Clinton spoke to several thousand students, teachers, and lawmakers in Lexington Monday afternoon. Clinton made the appearance at Rupp Arena as part of the Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council’s post-Earth Day celebration.

Students greeted the nation’s 42ndpresident with a saxophone rendition of the national anthem. In his speech, Clinton praised the student group’s commitment to environmental awareness.

"As nearly as I can determine, this is the only county in America where all the high schools have joined together to do anything like this and you should be very, very proud of it," he said.

The former president stressed the importance of making green initiatives business-friendly. He said retrofitting schools and government buildings would produce thousands of jobs and cut energy costs. Clinton made the visit at the invitation of Henry Clay High School senior Jane Brady Knight.

"We were absolutely ecstatic to even get a reply from President Clinton, much less [that] he volunteered to speak for us," she said.

Sustainability is part of the mission of the William J. Clinton Foundation, which works with 58 of the world’s largest cities to reduce harmful emissions. Another former president is set to visit the Bluegrass early next month. George W. Bush will attend a fundraiser for St. Mark Roman Catholic Church and School in Richmond.

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