Flooded Streets Cause Havoc For Morning Commuters

Lexington, KY – Emergency Management Director Pat Dugger says crews were out posting high water signs all over town.

"We do have a lot of roads that flood pretty typically and when you have a pretty good downpour of a lot of rain really quickly, we get some flooding in low areas; (the) North Broadway underpass where the train passes over, Viley Road, some of the typical normal spots that we see."

Dugger says while most of the water quickly receded, the storm provided citizens with another vivid reminder of mother nature's fury.

"In the storm like we saw this morning, one of the other real dangers is lightning. So if you do happen to be out in something like that, be very careful; know some of the tips about lightning. Don't go under a tree or those types of things get in cover because lightning actually kills a lot of people throughout the year in the United States and so I just want people to be aware of that hazard as well."

The Lexington Herald Leader reported that the storm caused dozens of accidents, and at least one fire. Dugger says emergency crews responded to every situation as quickly as possible.