Fire Department to Give Away, Install Smoke Detectors

Jan 14, 2014

Lexington's Fire Department will be providing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to the elderly and disabled. 

The program is part of a federal grant that focuses on early fire prevention, particularly for those that have difficutly installing the devices themselves.  Battalion Chief Joe Best says the devices are helpful in surviving a fire. 

“2/3 of everyone who dies in a residential fire are those who come from places where the folks didn’t have working detectors.  They may have had detectors and not had batteries in them, or some places never had ‘em at all.  Having a detector in your home is the best way to get the highest survival percentage that you can," he said.

The department says it expects to install 400 smoke detectors this year, although under the terms of the grant, they are specifically for those with a disability or 50 and older.    Best adds, however, that free smoke detectors are also available to the general public in limited quantities.  Additional information is available by calling 859-231-5668 and at the fire education website.