Felony Charges Follow Tates Creek High School Rumors

Nov 5, 2013

Bethany Dowell's facebook profile picture on 11/4/13
Bethany Dowell's facebook profile picture on 11/4/13

An untrue rumor about a possible threat to Tates Creek High School spirals out of contral and ends with two people being charged.

Lexington Police have charged 18-year old Bethany Dowell and a juvenile with terroristic threatening. 

Fayette County School Officials say a concern was raised last Friday that a student had threatened violence at the school.  They investigated and found the allegations to be untrue.

Over the weekend the rumor mill blossomed on social media.  Police say it was sparked by the charged minor who created a fake social media page with the sole purpose of perpetuating the rumors and causing panic at the High School.  Dowell, who according to her facebook status was a student at Tates Creek until 2011, was charged for comments made on her page. 

WUKY looked at her facebook account and a picture of her felony charge was posted yesterday.  At some point before that she typed the following…which she says was a joke…

“Whose NOT going too school tomorrow due to the rumor of TCHS getting shot up? #lms”   Just hours earlier a post on Dowell’s wall read “My secret obsession is I want too be famous”

Her court date is set for November 25th.