Federal Inmate Convicted Of Smuggling Contraband

Mar 17, 2014

An inmate at the Federal Corrections Institution in Ashland  has been convicted of smuggling items into the prison.  

When sentenced in June a judge could give 33-year-old Gary Musick of Newport, Tenn., a maximum of five years in prison.  A federal jury on Friday convicted Musick of conspiring with a prison guard and others to sell prohibited items such as tobacco, marijuana and nude photographs to others in exchange for stamps from December 2010 to February 2012. 

Prosecutors say in some instances, he directed inmates send money to an address outside of the prison as payment. Prosecutors say the items were filtered to corrections officer James Lewis who subsequently provided the items to Musick, in exchange for payment.  Charges are pending against Lewis and another co-defendant, Cindy Gates.