Fayette Health Boards Meet With Clinic Plans In Limbo

Aug 21, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - With the fate of an $11.7 million dollar clinic hanging in the balance, the two boards that oversee public health in Fayette County are scheduled to hold competing meetings Thursday.

The Board of Health had given HealthFirst an August 16th deadline to produce an action plan for dealing with several problems, including a conflict of interest, unearthed during an audit of HealthFirst’s finances. HealthFirst has threatened to pull the plug on the Southland clinic project unless local banks or the Urban County Government contribute more money toward its day-to-day operations.

Thursday, both the Board of Health and Board of HealthFirst are slated to meet at the Fayette Health Department on Newtown Pike.

HealthFirst’s financial stability and its ability to pay back a $1 million loan from the health department have also been in question. A joint meeting between the two boards has not been held since June.