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11:21 am
Wed July 24, 2013

Fayette County Schools Superintendent Gets High Marks

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Dr. Tom Shelton dedicated his first year to observation of the schools and how systems are run.  Last year was devoted to planning.  Now he’s ready for the next phase.

“Now its beginning year three…It’s time to implement our plans and to move forward toward trying to improve student achievement for all students and reduce our achievement gaps," he says.

Dr. Shelton says the top priority is making sure all students are successful.  During his observation he found achievement gaps for students with special needs, those who live and poverty and students of color.  He says students need to be met where they are and put in the right strategies and assistance.  To ensure success, Dr. Shelton wants to be sure students are fully engaged in learning and have the support they need from educators and staff.  In the School Board’s written evaluation, members stated communications with central office could be improved and listed goal setting and planning strategies as the Superintendent’s greatest strengths.

You can view the entire report card at this link    


Dr. Tom Shelton, Fayette County Schools Superintendent