Explosive Technology To Be Used On Mustard Gas

Oct 25, 2013

The Blue Grass Army Depot has approved the use of explosive destruction technology to destroy mustard gas munitions.

Credit photo provided

The Richmond Register reports Commander Col. Lee G. Hudson determined that the move would pose no significant environment impact on the area. Hudson released a report Thursday with the findings.

An environment assessment was required before the Army decided how to eliminate problematic mustard rounds.

An assessment in 2011 found that the mustard agent in several projectiles stored at BGAD has solidified while others had been over-packed and some had leaked.

It would be difficult to safely neutralize the deteriorating weapons in the main plant under construction to destroy other munitions containing the nerve agents VX and sarin that are stored at the depot.

The United States is required by treaty to destroy its chemical weapons. The destruction process is projected to be completed by 2021.

The next step at the depot is to determine which type of explosive destruction technology to use to destroy the weapons.

Army officials want to destroy the mustard rounds before the main plant starts eliminating the nerve agent weapons, according to the site project manager Jeff Brubaker.