Execution Still On Hold

FRANKFORT, Ky. – The Kentucky Supreme Court is still weighing a request to lift a stay of execution for Death Row inmate Gregory Wilson. The stay, issued by Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd, is preventing the state from executing Wilson. The lethal injection procedure was scheduled for Thursday September 16.

Attorney General Jack Conway is appealing the stay. Gov. Steve Beshear is closely monitoring the proceedings, but says the state is prepared to carry out the death sentence if the court's refuse to block it.

"There have been appeals on this case for over 22 years and when I reviewed it after the attorney general recommended to me that a death warrant be issued, I could find no extenuating circumstances that would tell me not to issue that warrant. So I did that. You know, the courts now have those kind of issues. We'll see where it goes."

Gregory Wilson was sentenced to death for the 1987 abduction, rape, robbery and murder of Newport restaurant manager Deborah Pooley.