Excavation Equipment Appears At CentrePointe

Nov 25, 2013

Digging equipment parked at CentrePointe has downtown Lexington residents wondering if the long-delayed project may finally get off the ground.

Credit EOP Architects

Developers had been discussing a ceremonial groundbreaking since late October, but the now familiar empty lot at the heart of the city has stayed quiet since the project designs were approved by the Courthouse Area Design Review Board last month.

Now, two pieces of digging equipment are parked on the property.

"We're merely preparing for the issuance of the billing permit. Hopefully it will come any day and we'll be ready to start," says Dudley Webb, the developer behind the project. "Actually we had planned to mobilize this weekend with the barricades around the block but the permits didn't come Friday. We're still waiting."

The plans include a hotel and condos along Vine Street, apartments on Main Street with retail space featured at the street level, and a two story retail building with a rooftop café.

Update (5:57 PM): The equipment has been removed from the site until the permitting process is complete.