Euclid Kroger Proposal Clears Planning Commission, Despite Objections

May 24, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Plans to demolish and rebuild the Kroger located on Euclid Avenue are moving forward, over the objections of some neighborhood residents. Opponents of the expansion failed to sway members of Lexington’s Urban County Planning Commission during a four-hour meeting Thursday.

Original Kroger resdesign proposal for Euclid Avenue
Original Kroger resdesign proposal for Euclid Avenue
Credit Kroger

Kroger is requesting a number of zoning law changes that would enable it to construct an expanded store roughly 27,000 square feet larger than the current location. The area is currently zoned for neighborhood business, but the grocery chain would like to see that changed to B-6P, the designation for shopping centers.

Nearby residents, such as Ted Cowen, argued that the proposed designs do a disservice to the surrounding neighborhood.  

"Does moving a huge building, a 414-foot-long wall within 6, 7, or 8 feet of the curb - will that alter that neighborhood? I think so," Cowen told the commission.

Resident Bill Fortune, however, applauded Kroger’s push to grow the location.

"They're giving us the kind of shopping experience, the kind of grocery store that people in the suburbs routinely have," he said.

The commission ultimately approved the zoning change and five variances. Now the matter moves to the Urban County Council, which has 90 days to take up the issue.