Environmental Group Headed To D.C. For Special Rally

May 21, 2012

Members of the Kentucky Environmental Foundation will be in Washington D.C. this week to take part in a rally in support of a bill eliminating toxic chemicals from manufactured products. 

Spokesman Jason Howard says his group also plans to meet with members of Kentucky’s Congressional delegation; especially Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“We are really hoping to get this legislation passed and voted out of committee so it can be considered by the full Senate later this summer.  So our message to Senator McConnell is to allow this bill a full and fair hearing.”

Howard says lawmakers on both sides of the aisle need to understand what kind of health hazards are contained in everyday products like cosmetics, household cleaners, and even some plastics.

“We have seen rates of autism skyrocket, rates of asthma, and reproductive issues in women, and so this is an issue that affects not only lots of Kentuckians but millions of people across the country.”

The Safe Chemicals Act would  ban companies from producing toxic chemicals that have been linked to higher rates of health problems and require the Environmental Protection Agency to identify communities that have been adversely impacted by those chemicals.

The rally takes place Tuesday on the lawn of the U-S Capitol.