EKU Arts Center Disagreement Resolved

Feb 28, 2013

RICHMOND, Ky. - The dispute between Eastern Kentucky University and the Community Operations Board over which group should oversee the EKU Center for the Arts executive director position has been resolved.

EKU Center for the Arts
EKU Center for the Arts

The arts center was created in 2011 as a cooperative effort between EKU, Madison County, and the cities of Berea and Richmond. A Community Operations Board was set to represent all three entities, so when EKU officials moved to fire former executive director Debra Hoskins last year, the board objected, saying only they had that authority.

The disagreement has held up selection process for a new executive director, after Hoskins resigned. At issue was a memorandum ordering the center director to report to the EKU president.

Skip Daugherty, a member of the board and special assistant to the president, says that language was ultimately dropped by the university because it could not let the dispute go on for another six months.