Education Task Force Considers "Dramatic Changes"

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – Systematic change is necessary to improve education in Kentucky. That was the message Tuesday from the head of a national organization to members of the Governor's Task Force on Transforming Education in Kentucky.

Gene Wilhoit of the Council of Chief State School Officers says educators need to focus personalized learning strategies and more training seminars for teachers.

"I could sense that some of them were interested in the concepts. I think for the first time some of them heard these concepts and were trying to figure out what that meant and the implications of it. Many of them are excited but they understand that to get to the new directions is going to be hard work."

Wilhoit is the former Commissioner of Education in Kentucky.

Some task force members at Tuesday's meeting in Lexington were skeptical about the feasibility of some proposals, such as introducing effective technology programs into classrooms.

The task force will compile several education recommendations and deliver them to the Governor in November.