Dual Surveys Show Strong Support for UK President From The Community, Mixed Reviews From Faculty

Aug 13, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto will soon receive a review from the Board of Trustees. UK’s executive committee heard the results of two surveys Tuesday encompassing both faculty and the wider community.

Credit kyforward.com

One survey took a broad approach, querying administration members, those who work with the president on campus, and community leaders. That survey showed strong positive numbers for Capilouto, with responders giving the president’s campus infrastructure improvement projects high marks.

A second survey queried full time faculty and showed more mixed results.

"The concerns that were raised that faculty would like him to focus on more in the future had to do with supporting graduate education, supporting the research mission... and communicating more often with faculty," says Senate Counsel Chair Leigh Blonder.

Several questions regarding faculty involvement in the decision-making process garnered mostly negative responses from those polled, but board chair Britt Brockman said the overall picture remains positive.

"I can tell you that I think this president has just done an outstanding job and I doubt seriously there's ever going to be any question about what his contract extension should be," Brockman says.

Four new trustees who will be reviewing Capilouto next year were also sworn in Tuesday. Three gubernatorial appointees include a coal executive, a longtime journalist, and a Louisville attorney.