Downtown Mural Drawing Curious Onlookers As It Nears Completion

Nov 8, 2013

The visage of Kentucky’s own President Abraham Lincoln now stares down onto East Vine Street in downtown Lexington – in mural form, that is.

The 60-foot art project on the back wall of the Kentucky Theater is becoming more colorful by the day as internationally reknowned Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra and his team of painters move closer to their Monday deadline.

"We're stressed but excited," says John Winters, co-founder of PRHBTN, the art show that brought Kobra to Lexington. "What we really love is the interplay, the people talking about it, coming down to see it, and making it part of their day. Most people on their lunch break wouldn't go to an art gallery, but this way they can come out, see it in process, and we really like the conversation it's been driving about public art and art in general."

Once the project is finished, it will be covered with a special anti-graffiti, anti-dirt coating and remain part of the downtown streetscape for at least the next decade. Winters says three more artists will be in town next weekend to create smaller pieces on the side of the West Sixth building and in other north Lexington spots.

Lexingtonians have far less time, however, to take in another public art piece. On the UK campus, visitors to the Singletary Center can see a sand sculpture depicting two horses near the sidelawn created by SandQube’s Karen Fralich, a 3-time world champion in sand carving.

That piece will remain on display for one to two weeks.