Domestic Violence Program Rebrands Itself As Greenhouse17

Oct 18, 2013

A community driven and supported advocacy group committed to ending partner abuse has a new name, but the same mission.

Greenhouse 17 Executive Director Darlene Thomas
Greenhouse 17 Executive Director Darlene Thomas

Tucked away on 40 acres of bluegrass farmland is a homestead for people who need time to heal and help with a fresh start. 

The Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program, now named Greenhouse17, has been the escape Shelly and her young son needed.

"Greenhouse17 has given me the opportunity to break the cycle of violence and this abuse to where my son doesn't turn out to be the next abuser," she said.

Just before speaking Shelly's son handed her a bouquet of flowers he had just picked from the nearby field on the property.  He also handed one to a female police officer who was standing nearby.

Executive Director Darlene Thomas says its proof that Greenhouse17's holistic approach to healing victims of domestic violence is working.